The Young Historian Competition initiated as a means for young people in African especially Nigeria to have a better understanding of the history of their continent and nation.

We can see without doubt that many young Nigerians lack knowledge of the past history because of their apathy to the present circumstances in the country.

Due to the burning desires to uphold all values and improve leadership skills in the country, this competition was set up to enhance historical knowledge of the country for young people.

It has unequivocally impacted many lives and most especially lives of every young person out there.

The impact of the Young Historian Competition on the nation Nigeria cannot be overemphasized as it has brought about a wider knowledge and awareness within and outside the country to create a mindset of consciousness for the younger generation.

It has also created an avenue for young citizens to participate and have knowledge about the political system of the country.

The Young Historian Competition has also brought about communal unity as it a method for young people to relate more effectively with one another through the healthy rivalry.

In conclusion, the history of Nigeria must be preserved since it is the way for upcoming generations to have more knowledge about every historical event in the country and promote the heritage of Nigeria.

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