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YHC 2024
YHC 2024

YHC 2024 Call for Application is Live

After a successful maiden edition, the Restored heart foundation has decided to bring back this educative and informative competition which aims to promote knowledge about Nigeria’s history for Nigerian students and young adults at large. The Young Historian Competition is an inter-university event that would engage students in multiple stages.

Pivotal details about the competition;
A call for application opened to all tertiary institution students who are passionate about learning and knowing the history of Nigeria with the condition that you are following us on all social media platforms.
An essay round which aims to prove the knowledge of history amongst applicants and to select the best historians through their research and writing to further participate in the competition. With six qualifying rounds which include an essay session, quiz stage, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and the final round. A few parts of the selection round would be held virtually, and the others would be hosted physically in some of Nigeria’s most prominent universities to further educate Nigerian students about the history of their nation. The winner and the first runner up will win the sum of 500,000 naira and 300,000 naira respectively and an all-expense paid trip to Uganda.

This year’s edition of the Young Historian Competition promises to be bigger, better, and more elaborate than the maiden edition! Do you have what it takes to be crowned the next "KEEPER OF AFRICAN HISTORY?” This opportunity is for you, stay updated by following our pages on all social media platforms.

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  • Provide a platform for young people to understand Nigeria and African history through healthy rivalry  
  • To create a sense of belonging for every young citizen 
  • Create a spirit of nationalism amongst students and young people by revealing the struggles and progress of the country in times past  
  • Develop an advocacy tool to enhance the promotion of Nigerian and African history across primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria 
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Maiden Edition Completed

Young Historian Competition


The Young Historian Competition is an idea to promote Nigerian history amongst young Nigerians specifically students studying in Nigeria Universities to create a path of history awareness with a burning desire to uphold our values and strong leadership skills cutting across all fairs of life. It is obvious to note that the younger generation is beginning to lose touch with Nigerian history which is/will affect the social-political existence of Nigeria and her people. The competition is to bring together wider knowledge and awareness within and outside Nigeria to create a mindset of consciousness with the younger generation.

Promoting African History

Everything you need to know


What is YHC ?

YHC is the acronym for Young Historian Competition.

What is the competition about?

The competition is an Inter-University competition that aims to promote history learning in Nigeria

Who can participate in the competition?

Anyone between the age of 18- 30, currently studying in a state, private or federal university in Nigeria is eligible to participate in the competition.

Since it is a History Competition, is it exclusively for students of History?

No, it is not. Every Undergraduate student is eligible, irrespective of their discipline.

Can students from other tertiary institutions apply, for instance Colleges of Education?

No, this edition is for students currently studying in a state, private or federal university in Nigeria.

How many stages are in the competition?

The competition has five (5) stages namely, the intra-regionals, inter-regionals, quarter finals, semifinals and the grand finale.

What is the prize for the winner?

The winner of the competition will walk away with NGN 500,000, a 5-day trip to Kenya, one year data bundle and campus ambassadorial deal from Digipipa, One year subscription on career paddy, amongst others.

Will there be prizes for the Runners-up?

Yes, there will be prizes for the first and second runners-up.

Is it a once in a lifetime activity or would it be annually?

The Young Historian Competition is an annual inter-universities competition. It’s here to stay!

Is the competition going to be entirely virtual or physical?

The competition would be a combination of both the virtual and physical experience. The quarter finals down to the grand finale will be held at various states in the country.

Who is an ideal partner ?

Call For Partners

An ideal partner for the Young Historian Competition would be any business that aims to showcase its brands or new services to the Nigerian student market and young people who use YouTube. Additionally, individuals who are interested in amplifying their names in positive contribution to youth development or general philanthropy would also make great partners.
By partnering with the Young Historian Competition, businesses can gain exposure to a highly engaged audience of Nigerian students and young people who actively use YouTube. This demographic presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their products, services, or initiatives targeted towards this specific market segment. It provides a platform to reach potential customers and build brand awareness among young individuals who are interested in history and learning.

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  6. Physical Workshop:
  7. Quarter-final Stage: 
  8. Semi-final Stage:  
  9. Grand finale Stage: 
  10. Awards


The Youth Council for Programme Design is a platform for youths and young adults to co-design a youth-focused programme with the Restored Heart Foundation. Joining the YC4PD will give you foundational skills on project design and basic monitoring and evaluation skills, it will serve as an opportunity for young people to lend their voices and ideas to transformation movement that would help facilitate the spirit of nationalism in the hearts of every Nigerian. YC4PD members will join a series of consultative forums, help deploy needs assessment and collate data for reports and analysis. Each active member will get a certificate of participation and a recommendation letter to any institution (based on demand). Members will also join a community of change makers for a duration of 2 months and work together to produce a survey report for the Young Historian Competition.

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YHC 2023


The call for application was opened on the 3rd of February 2023, and closed on 21st February, 2023.


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