13 Apr, 2024

Jahi 1 Community Medical Outreach 2024

In our quest to improve the quality of life, promote good health and wellbeing among people living in underserved communities, the Medical Outreach Project was initiated. 

The Restored Heart Foundation aims to achieve this goal in Nigerian communities. Ever since the second Medical Outreach Project was implemented last year at Gwarinpa village, Abuja, we have taken it upon ourselves to continue this project to sensitize more people about the importance of proper healthcare, provide them with free medical consultation and medication to help reduce the risk of illness and mortality. 

In commemoration of the World Health Day, which was celebrated on the 7th of April themed “MY HEALTH, MY RIGHT”, we decided to implement this year’s Medical Outreach Project (MOP) in Jahi 1 Community, Abuja. The Medical Outreach Project implemented in Jahi 1 community will be the third Project of its kind, to bridge the gap of ignorance among people living in underserved communities, giving them more insights on the importance of living healthily and generally promoting the standard of living those communities. 

With our collaboration and partnership with the following organizations; Primary Healthcare Centre (PHCC) Abuja Municipal Area Council, Timawale Foundation and the International Centre for Advocacy on Right to Health (ICARH) we can boldly say that objectives of the project were achieved. 


  1. Identify and provide specific health needs to community members through tests and prescription.
  2. Sensitize community members on Nutrition and Hygiene
  3. Demonstrate the importance of visiting the Primary Healthcare Centre.

Expected Outcomes 

  1. Community members have the knowledge of prevalent illnesses, preventive measures, personal hygiene and proper nutrition.
  2. Immediate health intervention is provided for community members with symptoms of illnesses
  3. Individual become aware of the importance of visiting the health facility when ill.

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Jahi Medical Outreach - April 2024

The Medical Outreach Project implemented in commemoration of the World Health Day has proven to be very beneficial to the accomplishment of a crucial mission statement of the organization which is to promote good health and invariably the general wellbeing of people in underserved communities. 

We recorded twenty-seven volunteers and over two hundred beneficiaries (children inclusive). Residents of the community were taught on various topics to help them live healthy. There was a health talk to educate the residents of the community on different health topics such as Personal Hygiene, Good Nutrition, Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Malaria, Hypertension and the Importance of Visiting Health Facilities. With our partnership with ICARH, we were able to conduct HIV/AIDS tests, give consultations and provide medicines for those infected.  

Ultimately, the goal of the project was achieved, and we left a beaming smile on the faces of all the residents of Jahi 1 community.  


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    11:00AM to 3:00PM

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    13 Apr, 2024

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